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Kranky K9 Dog Training goes above and beyond at staying current with today’s most effective, dog-friendly techniques. We use body language and the dog’s natural instincts and pack mentality to achieve the very best results for our pet owners. Our all-natural, affection-based methods are effective with any dog, any age – including puppies. We have trained hundreds of dogs to be Canine Good Citizens and coached hundreds of dog owners on how to take control of their walk, create polite manners at the front door, and come to you reliably every time. Kranky K9 will help your dog to learn quickly while bringing balance and harmony back into your home. We continue to be the area’s most effective dog-problem solver.


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What Others Have to Say
Based on 50 reviews
Jessica Nave
Jessica Nave
After looking through reviews for training options in the area, I chose Bo and Kranky K9's Nearly Naked Program. Bo and his team were very flexible in re-scheduling class times.
Tom Kerns
Tom Kerns
Great staff and trainers. First time I've had to board a dog and they've been great!
Ryan Vincent
Ryan Vincent
Kranky K9 is a fantastic facility for dog training and doggy daycare. I cannot recommend them more highly. One of our dogs had reactive/aggressive tendencies towards other dogs to the point we were embarrassed and scared to walk him around our neighborhood; he would constantly lunge at the other dogs all while barking like he was possessed. Previously, other companies and trainers would say things like "well, dogs will bark and that is normal" or they would set up the "final exam" for our dog to be taken without any other dogs around, to ensure our "success" in their program. Finally, we had enough. We did some research and found out that Kranky K9 works specifically with dogs that have those issues. Scheduling the initial training session took some time because the trainer and I had 2-3 separate phone calls to discuss the severity of the issues and helping them understand where we were and where we wanted to be. However, after about 2 lessons, we started to see small improvements. First, we noticed our dog would hesitate to bark at other dogs through our windows, even just for a moment or two. Next, he started relaxing at our feet due to the "default down" training we worked on. After that, we worked on recalls, and after about 3 weeks of work both in and out of lessons, my dog will come immediately when called, instead of his previous behavior where he ignores me until he decides it is time to come. Now, our official lessons are completed and our dog is able to attend their daycare. Previously, he would have gotten so worked up around other dogs he would have needed a muzzle; now, he's able to play with the other dogs in their supervised setting. Additionally, when picking him up from daycare, we saw another dog and owner in the parking lot; instead of barking, snarling and lunging, my dog simply whined a little bit and allowed me to lead him towards the car without pulling on a leash once. Kranky K9 has helped teach our dog the "right" ways to act all while removing the "wrong" reactions from my dog. I cannot express my gratitude enough and I hope that you will allow Kranky K9 the chance to help your dogs as well.
Corey Piper
Corey Piper
I was fortunate enough to be hired to shoot promotional videos for Kranky K9s. I was amazed at the level or professionalism in the staff and the amount of care and attention that the dogs receive. I'll be sending my dog there in the near future.
MJC Cook
MJC Cook
They really care about my dog!
Jennifer Carter
Jennifer Carter
KrankyK9 trainers and staff helped our dog through her nervousness around dogs and people. The 6 week train and board program was excellent and built a strong foundation of training for our dog and comes with free private training as we continue the training at home!
Candi Cabral
Candi Cabral
We love Kranky K9. They have done miracles with Jasmine, our 2 and a half year old Jack Russell. Jasmine came to us as a damaged rescue with separation anxiety. Bo and his staff formulated a training plan that is giving Jasmine the confidence and security to be calm and well behaved. They explain what the training exercises are meant to accomplish and showed us how to execute the lessons so we could continue the training at home. The care and love their staff shows towards Jasmine is evidence to us that Jasmine is in good hands with them.
Chloe Murphy
Chloe Murphy
So happy with Kranky K9!! We did the private lessons with our dalmatian Hamish and absolutely loved it. Our trainer Joel was so good at explaining everything and he made it fun too! All of the staff were super welcoming, especially Casey at the front desk, she went out of her way to give us the best experience possible. Would absolutely recommend!!
Keely Bailey
Keely Bailey
Kranky K9 is the best and worth the drive from St. Louis. Bo and Joel are steller trainers and the entire staff is so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend their training programs and daycare!

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Start your relationship off right with potty and crate training, jumping, nipping, and more. We consider puppies to be 6 months and under.

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Our daily dog training program is designed to provide a maximum amount of learning while allowing your pet to spend evenings and weekends at home.

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Your pupper will stay with us and receive all the attention they deserve along with professional training in an organized atmosphere.

Does Your Dog Embarrass You?

Kranky K9 Dog Training in Collinsville, IL can help with those embarrassing moments when your dog jumps on your guests, barks at a passersby or pulls you down the street; as well as other common dog behavior issues that may occur in the vet’s office, groomers or dog parks.

We are experts in behavioral dog training, leadership training and obedience training, and we would be delighted to help you (and have fun while we are doing it, too)!

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