Problems with Aggression

If you are struggling with aggressive behavior problems in your dog, we know what you’re going through and we can help you. These types of cases need to be handled carefully. We have had many years of experience dealing with these types of problems for pet owners and we can’t wait to begin resolving your’s. 

We do, however, need to proceed in a very specific way…

The aggressive dogs must be handled differently than the rest of our happy-go-lucky puppers. The main issue that aggressive dogs cause for us is with boarding them. We cannot keep them overnight. We cannot have them biting a member of the staff while they are being cared for. For this reason, we must do either a day school or a private lesson format for their training program. Dogs who are struggling with aggressive tendencies are not able to sign up for Daycare without being trained by us first. If we decide that socialization is a good path for your dog’s rehabilitation, we will include that as part of the dog’s training program. We just can’t start there. We also will want to make sure the dog has been trained to wear a muzzle before entering the building. Some aggression problems are very minor and may not require that a muzzle be used. But if it is a serious issue, the dog will be wearing the muzzle often, so we want them to be comfortable in it. The brands that we recommend for our line of work is the Baskerville muzzle or the Jafco muzzle. The video below describes the muzzle training process.