Potty Training Tips

Supervise, supervise, supervise! Make sure to schedule feedings, watch how much water they are drinking and how often. Using a kennel or crate can be a useful tool, don’t fear it or feel that the dog is upset. Go outside with your pup and make sure he eliminates, if he is just outside playing and … Read more

Kranky Kares new adoption program

We have a Kranky Kares program which is a charity program where we train shelter dogs. We work with Spencer Kennel, Humane Society, and Helping Strays. So there is a roster of dogs that are being trained that need adoption. I want to mention it on the site but instead of having to update dog … Read more

2 new group classes available

Leash Ninja Group class This 6 week course covers leash handling, sit-stay, polite greetings, beginning vet preparation, crate training, place command, and general problem solving for you and your pup. For the first lesson we ask for you to not bring your dog. We would like to discuss your goals and our expectations for the … Read more