Boarding School

This is our bootcamp-style course and is our most thorough option. The dog will train with our trainers and socialize with the pack while boarding overnight in our facility.* We train Mon-Fri and send the dogs home on the weekend with some strict homework.** Due to the consistency of the program, this is the very best way to train your dog. 

*This program can also be offered as a day school if the owner prefers. Boarding is not a mandatory part of the program. It is just offered this way for the convenience of the owner

**Weekend boarding is available for folks who want to book an out of town trip while the dog is in training


Ornery Hound

10 Days of Boarding School  

This is our introductory obedience course designed to give you the most bang for your buck. In this course, we focus on resolving leash pulling problems, teaching stay commands, and helping our pup stay calm in exciting situations.

Boarding School Syllabus

Leash Ninja                             

20 Days of Boarding School    

The Leash Ninja Boarding School course focuses on leash manners, house manners, and reducing unwanted rude behavior. Your dog will overgo major changes in his attention as well as sociability.The dog will walk nice on a leash and understand the basics of dog obedience.

Boarding School Syllabus



Complete Companion     

40 Days of Boarding School      

This is our fully trained dog, both on-leash and off-leash. By the time these dogs go home they are looking sharp and performing as expected. This program allows us plenty of time to cover all of the distractions that tend to complicate our lives. Gain perfect control against squirrels, rabbits, other dogs, cats, and any other problem. Camping, hiking, fishing, canoe trips, and vacations can be fully enjoyed knowing that you have a fully trained dog who loves to respond to the owner’s wishes.  

+ E-collar Technologies ET-300 mini educator remote collar included with program

+Lifetime support guarantee

Boarding School Syllabus

We have recently installed a new water filter. While your pets stay with us they will get filtered water. We are closed and will not be open for drop-offs or pick-ups on these holidays: 

-New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Dogs must be picked up on the following business day

Drop off Hours
7am-9am Monday – Friday
Pick Up Hours
4:00pm – 6:00pm Monday – Friday