What is Behavior-Focused Dog Boarding?

Kranky K9 Dog Training is committed to making sure that your dog has a happy, healthy, stress-free stay in our facility. 

We commit to structured activity in the daycare so that when the dog is kenneled at the end of the day, it rests peacefully awaiting its next day of daycare. Our kennel is much quieter than expected. We feel that excessive barking is a main contributor to a dog’s level of frustration while being boarded. We want a quiet, calm place for the dog to rest. However, the dog’s need for activity throughout the day is essential to this effort. Our boarding rate includes daycare activity for this reason. 



$60 per night

$110 for 2 dogs

$165 for 3 dogs

$200 for 4 dogs

We are open for holiday boarding, however, we do not allow pick up and drop off on the Holiday itself. This are the following major holidays were closed for boarding drop off and pickup:

Christmas Eve
New Years Day
Independence Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Labor Day


Monday – Friday
Drop off
7am – 9am
Pick Up
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday – Sunday

Drop off/Pick up 10:00am – 12:00pm

  • New Clients please provide proof of vaccinations
  • Bring your dogs food in an air tight,  PLASTIC container
  • Please have a martingale collar and leash for drop off and pick up
  • We will provide bedding and toys for your dog
  • We also can administer medications if needed

If you have a senior dog or a dog with a medical need (diabetic, epileptic, etc.) we likely will require in-home boarding. Please consult with our staff when registering. We do not board dogs that are human aggressive