Day Training

Day training services are only available to previous dog training clients

  • Has it been a while since you’ve had a chance to train your dog?
  • Is his obedience getting rusty?
  • Wouldn’t you like to bring him somewhere that focuses on making him a more well mannered dog rather than just wearing him out?

Bring him for Day-training and let us refresh your dog’s training in between play sessions with the other dogs
$60 per day

Our day training program is here for any dog who has previously graduated from any KK9 training program. Help keep your dog’s training fresh. Let us give them a workout. Your pup will receive a brain-stimulating training session as well as group daycare/socials throughout the day.

Available Day-Training lesson option:

Doorway Bolting
Building attention/engagement
Nuisance jumping problems
Polishing your stay
Polishing your Heel
Polishing your Recall

Day Training Package Pricing

1 day                $60
5 day pass       $275
10 day pass     $545


Kranky K9 Members-Only FB Group

This is a free Facebook group for all of Kranky K9’s dog training clients. There is loads of extra content here. This is also how we communicate with our clients after they sign up. We post updates, group class times and changes, as well as post live dog training videos of the dogs that are currently in training. We are also answering client questions constantly in the feed.