Finally a dog daycare who will accept all breeds!
Welcome to Kranky K9!

  • Have you been turned away from other doggy daycares due to your dog being a powerful breed?
  • Has your dog been kicked out of another doggy daycare because he couldn’t pass their evaluation or because he had a behavior issue with one of the other dogs?
  • Do you feel like your dog has been outcast and worry that he wont have an opportunity to learn to be social?

How can a dog learn if they are kicked out? 

Kranky K9 can help. We teach the daycare dropouts and outcasts how to socialize appropriately. We will initially begin with a daycare evaluation so that we can assess the extent of the dog’s temperament. From there, we will either allow the dog into daycare or we will devise a structured training plan to get the dog over the difficulties and get them learning social behavior. It is so important to help dogs learn how to be appropriate with their own species. Our highly skilled training staff is able to rehabilitate dogs that have reactivity, nervousness, and low confidence. 

           Daycare Rates:

$30   – per single day

$145 – 5 day pass 

$280 – 10 day pass 

$520 – 20 day pass 

We are closed and will not be open for Daycare on these holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas

Aggressive dogs must complete a training program. We cannot do daycare evaluations with aggressive dogs.