Prices are unique to problems that need to be resolved. Please set up a FREE consultation with us so we can meet the dog and listen to the owner’s requests. This gives us an opportunity to give an accurate quote for the problems that resolved

Unfortunately you cannot guarantee the behavior of another living creature. However, we can guarantee that Kranky K9 will be there for you when you need us. Once you are a member of the Kranky K9 family, you are a member for life. 

When we train a dog, we then care about that dog and his success in your home. For this reason, we have:

  • Lifetime support. Call us, message us, or email us anytime. We want to know if you’re struggling so that we can help as soon as possible 
  • Access to our entire library of instructional videos and documents
  • Access to the Kranky K9 Members Only group on Facebook

Office Hours 

Mon – Fri       7:00 – 4:00

Daycare and Boarding 

Monday – Friday
Drop off       7:00am – 9:00am 
Pick up        4:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 
Drop off and Pick up   10:00am – 12:00noon

Training is by appointment

We specialize in helping pet owners solve behavior problems. Most of the time these problems are nipping, jumping, and bolting, but we do get the occasional biter. All go home happy and trained

We only train healthy dogs. Your dog will have to fully recover before we can help you.

Call us at 618-322-7899 or email at krankyk9@gmail.com

Yes we can help you with dog fighting

Yes we can do a CGC

We have a lot of great solutions and therapies to help you with your aggressive dog. However, aggression work is strictly by private lesson only. We do not take aggression cases in for boarding school nor do we allow them in our group classes. If you’re ready to do the work we can absolutely change your dog into a better pet.

  • The shots needed are:
  1. Distemper/Parvo Combination (looks like DHP, DHPP, DAPP, etc. on vet record)
  2. Bordetella
  3. Rabies(unless under 4 months old)
  • We also need the dog to be free of worms and other parasites. The dog must be completely dewormed, must have a negative Heartworm test(unless the pup is too young), and must currently be taking a preventative for:
  1. Heartworm
  2. Fleas
  3. Ticks
  • Food – In a sealed airtight container containing the specific scoop that you use to feed with. A dog food bag or a plastic baggie is not acceptable unless it is inside of the sealed container. There will be a $3 per day rental fee to use our plastic bins for folks who do not bring their own. 
  • Any medications/supplements/vitamins that the dog is currently taking.
  • Treats – Choose his favorite. Dog biscuits are not very high value. We recommend Redbarn, Freshpet, or Happie Howies dog food rolls. We use Redbarn here at KK9.
  • A leash and a properly fitted(snug to tight) martingale collar. Dogs must stay leashed during dropoff and pickup. 
  • We will provide everything else for your pup including snacks, beds, bowls, toys, tools, and cuddles 🙂
  • This is our Client Portal. It is located at the bottom of any page on this website. There you can register and log into your account to upload a picture of your dog, download his/her shot record, and book your daycare and boarding appointments.

  • We highly recommend that you join our Kranky K9 Members-Only Facebook group. Entry to this group is included with all of our training programs. In this group, we post socialization group class updates and cancellations. We post tips, tricks, and methods and we post live videos of the dogs that we are training. So, if your dog is in training with us, this group will allow you to follow their progress during their stay with us. The group also serves as an ongoing Q&A forum for you to use anytime. There are groomers, vets, and other FB professionals that KK9 has networked with throughout the years. The group is an excellent resource for all things dog related. Also, in the group, you will find all of our lesson planners and instructional videos that go along with those planners. To find these helpful training aids you must click the button labeled “UNITS” in the FB group.

    You must register in order to enter the Facebook group. Please make sure to answer the 3 questions that are asked when you are gaining access to the group. Access to the group will be denied if the questions are not answered.  

In an effort to reduce the spread of disease and other illness:

  • We ask that you not bring your new dog to our facility until you have owned the dog for at least 3 weeks. This will give you time to witness any coughing, lethargy, or diarrhea. If your dog displays any of these symptoms, the dog’s reservation can be postponed so we can get the appropriate medical attention for the pup. It will also give you more time to get an idea of exactly what behavior issues we will be needing to modify.
  • We only train healthy dogs. If your dog is recovering from a surgery like a spay/neuter, ear/tail crop, etc., or if your dog is recovering from an illness like kennel cough, heartworm, or flu, etc., we ask that you wait until the dog is fully recovered before starting training. Any medical problem that has been treated will need to be cleared by a vet before starting training. 
  • If a medical issue happens during training, the dog will be taken to the client’s veterinarian or sent home. If no veterinarian is preferred or if the client’s vet cannot be reached or is already at full capacity, Kranky K9 will choose a local vet to use for the medical emergency. Training can continue when the dog becomes healthy again and is cleared by the vet.
  • We ask that you not bring your new dog to our facility without having seen a vet first. We will need a shot record from a veterinarian as well as a clear fecal exam and a clear heartworm test. A breeder’s shot record or a shot record that was administered by the owner from a store bought vaccine will not be accepted. 

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