Ofallon, IL Dog Training: Avoiding Aggressive Behavior in Your Pet

Has your dog unexpectedly become aggressive? If it’s not a medical condition, there could be problems in the way you’re training your dog or interacting with it.


In her column for NWF Daily News, veterinarian Dr. Dara Johns discusses the possible reasons for a dog’s sudden change of behavior. Deanna, a pet owner, writes to Dr. Johns saying that her 14-month old German shepherd, who was normally friendly, had suddenly became aggressive. “He was growling, showing his teeth and biting/attacking the other dog. I had him sit next to me for a few minutes and then let him play again,” says Deanna.

Dr. Johns replies:

A couple of things come to mind concerning your dog. First of all, your dog is beginning to reach the age of social maturation. If a dog is going to start showing social aggression it is around 1½ years of age. Social aggression can be improved with the help of a knowledgeable trainer.

To avoid embarrassing and potentially harmful incidents involving other dogs or even humans, the veterinarian recommends getting the pet’s behavior under control before allowing it to socialize again. “If he is reaching an age of social maturity and does not look to you as the ultimate authority, he may challenge you and your commands more frequently.” In this case, obedience training is highly advisable.

This is a case that many dog owners around the country, including those in Ofallon, can relate to. Having your pet undergo Ofallon, IL dog training programs can correct common pet problems, such as aggression, lack of attention or obedience, and socialization issues. In such programs, the dog’s case and condition will be thoroughly assessed, and custom solutions would be recommended. Any training needed can take place either in your home or in a training facility.

A pet’s unwanted or destructive behavior usually arises from stress, frustration, anxiety, or fear. Loud, uncontrollable noises (e.g. fireworks and thunderstorms), travel, arrival of a new pet, strangers, and separation from its owner are some of the many triggers of negative animal emotions. During dog training, the cause of the problem may be determined and resolved with appropriate programs and techniques.

However old or young your pet may be, you can consult reputable canine trainers, such as those in Kranky K-9 Dog Training. These professionals’ specialized skills, and their various programs for dog and puppy training for Ofallon, IL areas, can help in correcting your pet’s behavior and restoring a happy, peaceful relationship between owner and furry friend.

(Source: Dog’s sudden aggression leaves owner searching for answers, NWF Daily News, June 12, 2014)