Private Lessons/Dayschool

Imagine having a chat with the neighbor while your dog waits calmly by your side. He isn’t barking. She isn’t lunging towards the neighbor’s dog. Instead, your pup is patiently waiting for you to finish your conversation so you can casually finish your walk. As you begin walking, your pup begins walking. Patient and attentive, your pup follows along enjoying being with you. This pup isn’t dragging you towards the nearest scent or trying to bolt towards a squirrel. The dog greets your guests with a sit and never rushes out of the threshold at the front door. This program is designed to create exactly that. Begin here to give your relationship the coaching it needs. We will be covering the neighborhood walk, living room etiquette, and doorway manners.
+Admission to Saturday Social and Leash Ninja group class included for life
+Training equipment included
+Lifetime help guarantee

Your dog will learn:
• Be polite and attentive to you during neighborhood walks
• Be polite to your guests when they arrive at your home as well as when you meet them in public
• Learn to respect doorway boundaries…even though the door is wide open

You will learn:
• Master the Neighborhood walk
• Learn how to be an excellent partner to your dog
• Learn how to handle your dog in all situations

Private Tutoring  

One hour per week. Owner and dog come for a one hour lesson each week and have homework.

Novice    5 Lessons           $625
Advanced Off-Leash    5 Lessons        $795

The Walk Doctor

One day per week. The dog is dropped off from 8-10am in the morning, then trains with the trainers, and socializes with the other dogs in the daycare for the day. Owner has a lesson at the end of the day.

Novice     5 days of day school          $1045
Advanced Off- Leash       5 days of day school  $1225

Drop off Hours
7am-9am Monday – Friday
Pick Up Hours
4:00pm – 6:00pm Monday – Friday