Our puppy program lays the foundation. These are the kindergarten classes built to prepare your puppy for the adult dog courses. This course will help prevent fear and aggression from developing and will teach clear communication to reduce stress, build a strong puppy, and a beautiful relationship.

+ Includes admission to our Saturday Puppy Socialization Class

Your puppy will learn:
• How to ask politely when it needs something from you
• How to enjoy crate time
• To respond to his/her name
• To allow body handling from the owner, vet , or groomer
• How to socialize with other dogs responsibly

You will learn:
• How to get what you need from your pup
• Proper feeding techniques
• How to create a calm pet that loves to be handled
• Crate training and potty training techniques

$425 Private Tutoring – 4 – One hour per week. Owner and dog come for a one hour lesson each week and have homework 

$675 Perfect Puppy – 4 Days – One day per week. The dog stays for the day. Owner has a lesson at the end of the day


Pupper with a PHD

Your pup will be dropped off each morning, stay for the day, and go home each night. He/she will participate in many confidence building exercises, socialize with the other pups, increase her listening skills, and begin the foundations for the adult programs. Our Pupper with a PHD is a 10 day program. We will work the pup for 5 days, Mon – Fri, then take a break for the weekend, then finish the second portion with another 5 day, M-F stay.


+ Admission to our Puppy Socialization Class
+ Includes admission to our Puppy Group Class

  • Puppy will learn to enjoy crate time
  • Puppy will respond to his/her name
  • Puppy will allow body handling from the owner, vet, or groomer
  • Puppy will learn to play with other dogs appropriately

$1475 10 days