Socialization and Group Classes

Free to all dogs who have been through a Kranky K9 Dog Training program

Saturday Social 
Included in your training program 

Socialization is a very important part of maintaining a balanced and stable dog. We want our clients to keep coming for as long as it takes, however, we do need to get to know the dog first. The evaluation is a day spent at Kranky K9 for the purpose of gaining information about what the dog is comfortable or not comfortable with while around other dogs.  If the dog passes the evaluation he will be admitted to the social on the following weekend. If the dog does not pass, we will need to see the dog for some prerequisite training before being allowed into the weekend socialization classes. Socialization classes are available for adult dogs of all sizes as well as puppies. Dogs will be separated according to size and temperament.

Post-program handling Class 
Included with your training program

This class is a bonus handling class held every Thursday at 7pm. It is offered to all of our current and past clients. We first train the dog, then train the owner, then finally bring the newly trained handling team into our group class so we can watch the team train together. It is the final step in our problem solving process. This class will help get owners out walking peacefully past other dogs, cats, and other difficult distractions. It also gives our training staff a chance to see if folks are struggling and may need additional help.

Kranky K9 Members-Only FB Group

This is a free Facebook group for all of Kranky K9’s dog training clients. There is loads of extra content here. This is also how we communicate with our clients after they sign up. We post updates, group class times and changes, as well as post live dog training videos of the dogs that are currently in training. We are also answering client questions constantly in the feed.